ABOUT US The Norfolk Plains Film Society, established in 2013, is an initiative of a group of film-loving locals who enjoy seeing people from the area gather together once a month to enjoy a good film and a night out in Longford. Members enjoy 12 films each year, screening on the second Friday of each month at 7:30pm at the Longford Christ Church Hall (corner William and George Streets). The Norfolk Plains Film Society is a member of ACOFS (Australian Council of Film Societies) and TFOFS (Tasmanian Federation of Film Societies). THIS MONTH'S FEATURE FILM - 9 June 2017
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"The Tale of Ruby Rose" (1988)

Australian, directed by Roger Scholes and set in the Tasmanian highlands. The film tells the story of Ruby Rose who has a fear of the dark. She is driven to undertake a harrowing journey out of the mountains in search of her lost grandmother.


The character is based on a story told to Roger Scholes by an old woman, Mrs Miles of Mole Creek Valley. As a young woman, she had lived alone in a hut in the highlands for four years, without knowing that her husband had died while trying to get back to her in the middle of winter. The experience traumatised her.



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